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Common Root Canal Myths Explained

Root Canal Myths

A root canal is a dental procedure that is performed by an experienced dentist. Root canals are a necessary course of action designed to save your tooth when a tooth’s pulp becomes decayed. While this procedure is a great solution that can restore your tooth over extracting it, there are common root canal myths that have sprout up over the years and I’d like to tackle them one by one.

The 1st Common Root Canal Myth

People believe that root canals are a time-consuming procedure requiring more than one visit. This isn’t true. Our Lancaster dentist can complete the entire root canal procedure in about 1-2 hours depending on each individual’s case. The procedure is also completed in one visit. However, because a portion of your tooth is lost from the procedure, most patients typically opt to receive a dental crown. In this case, another appointment is needed to fulfill your crown.

The 2nd Common Root Canal Myth

Some believe the process is a painful one. If you feel pain during your procedure, then we can assure you that something is wrong. The procedure is performed under a local anesthesia that numbs the area that will be receiving the root canal. Our dentists make sure you are completely numb before the procedure starts. You may experience different sensations during the procedure, but you won’t experience pain.

The 3rd Common Root Canal Myth

Some dentists may request that you have a tooth extracted instead of opting for a root canal. This is unnecessary. It is always better to try and save as much as your tooth as possible before deciding to pull it. Modern dentistry offers a lot in terms of dental implants, but your natural teeth always reign supreme over artificial teeth.

The 4th Common Root Canal Myth

Long ago, research was performed that concluded root canals resulted in illness. This is merely a theory that has not been validated through scientific evidence linking root canals and disease. Root canals actually save you from illness by destroying harmful bacteria that has spread deep into your tooth.

With all of that said, root canal procedures are specifically designed to help your teeth and improve your oral hygiene. Don’t buy into false information attempting to inform you that root canals are an un-wise decision. Rely on your Lancaster family dentist for accurate information as they have spent countless hours studying research that has been performed, latest and greatest techniques, and of course proper safety regarding dental procedures.

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