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Top Endodontist Lancaster

Looking for the top endodontist in Lancaster, CA? Look no further than Dr. Jeffrey Stein.

Dr. Jeffrey Stein is a top-rated endodontist in Lancaster, offering relief to patients and a chance to treat and save their teeth through quality endodontic treatment. Root canal treatment is the best way to effectively relieve the pain that comes with an inflamed or infected palm inside your tooth.

Dr. Stein’s expertise and experience enable him to create a comfortable and better experience for his patients during and after endodontic treatment.

How Root Canal Treatment Benefits You:

Apart from saving your natural tooth, root canal treatment can help in many other ways, including:

  • Ensuring efficient chewing
  • Enhancing natural appearance
  • Protecting your other teeth from excessive wear and tear
  • Helping you achieve normal biting force and sensation
  • Relieving pain caused by injuries to the tooth, fractures, chips and bacterial infections

Endodontic treatment is safe, comfortable, and highly effective. With proper care and oral hygiene, the tooth that has undergone root canal therapy can last a lifetime.

Top Lancaster endodontist, Dr. Jeffrey Stein also offers high-quality dental care in areas such as:

“Our goal is to treat you with the best quality care to ensure your dental needs and oral health.”

Jeffrey H. Stein, DDS, FAGD

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Comprehensive Dental Care In Lancaster

Whether you’ve just moved into a new area or acquired new dental insurance, rest assured there’s no shortage of dental practices who’d love to treat you. But even if there’s a dentist on every corner, it’s not about quantity. It’s about quality, particularly when looking for a dentist to suit your needs. If you are looking for professional, comprehensive dental care in Lancaster & Palmdale to help you and your loved ones achieve and maintain healthy smiles, then you will be happy to know that Dr. Jeffrey Stein is one of the most respected dentists in the community.

We recommend that you visit us at least twice a year for:

Prevention Services

Prevention is the most cost-effective way to maintain a healthy mouth. Dr. Stein can detect the early signs of oral care problems and recommend the best treatment before the condition worsens. For instance, we can use advanced dental imaging technology to check the progression of permanent teeth before they come in, or the position of wisdom teeth and whether they need to be removed.

Dental Cleanings

Even with proper brushing and flossing, you still miss some areas of your teeth and mouth where plaque may build up and form tartar. During professional cleanings, Dr. Stein uses special tools to clean your teeth and gums, including those hard-to-reach areas to help reduce the risk of gum disease and cavities.


Dr. Stein is also available to provide you with any information you may need to ensure the optimal health of the teeth and gums of your family members at any age. From cleaning the gums of a newborn to proper brushing and flossing techniques to caring for your dental implants or veneers, we will work with you to maintain your healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Choosing a dentist means choosing a partner in oral health, so it shouldn’t be done lightly. Most metropolitan areas have an abundance of dentists available, but they won’t all be the perfect fit for you and your family. By patiently identifying the differences in each professional, you can work with someone who has a place on your family’s calendar for years of healthy teeth and smiles.

Why Visit Dr. Stein?

We realize how important your family is to you, and the role that good health plays in preserving your happiness. Our team is always ready to help your entire family take good care of your oral health and achieve and maintain healthy, glowing smiles. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive dental care in Lancaster and Palmdale.

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What Is Dental Anxiety & How Dr. Jeffrey Stein Can Help

Here at Dr. Jeffrey Stein’s dental office in Lancaster, we’re trained in gentle dentistry to help assist patients with dental anxiety.

Common Dental Fears Related To Dental Anxiety:

  • Fear of embarrassment about the condition of teeth.
  • Fear of gagging.
  • Fear of injections.
  • Fear of loss of control.
  • Fear of not becoming numb when injected with Novocain.
  • Fear of pain.
  • Fear of the dentist as a person.
  • Fear of the hand piece (or the drill).

How Dr. Jeffrey Stein Can Use Gentle Dentistry To Help Alleviate Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety and fear can become completely overwhelming. It is estimated that as many as 35 million people do not visit the dental office at all because they are too afraid. Receiving regular dental check-ups and cleanings is incredibly important.

  • Choose a gentle dentist such as Dr. Stein – gentle dentists understand the importance of being gentle and comfortable to patients who may be afraid of uneasy of dentists or dental hygienists. They have been trained to administer techniques and solutions that combat these fears.
    Talk to the dentist – The dentist is not a mind reader. Though it can be hard to talk about irrational fears with a stranger, the dentist can take extra precautions during visits if fears and anxiety are communicated.
    Bring a portable music player – Music acts as a relaxant and also drowns out any fear-producing noises. Listening to calming music throughout the appointment will help to reduce anxiety.
    Agree on a signal – Many people are afraid that the dentist will not know they are in significant pain during the appointment, and will carry on the procedure regardless. The best way to solve this problem is to agree on a “stop” hand signal with the dentist. Both parties can easily understand signals like raising the hand or tapping on the chair.
    Spray the throat – Throat sprays (for example, Vicks® Chloraseptic® Throat Spray) can actually control the gag reflex. Two or three sprays will usually keep the reflex under control for about an hour.
    Take a mirror – Not being able to see what is happening can increase anxiety and make the imagination run wild. Watching the procedure can help keep reality at the forefront of the mind.
    Sedation – If there is no other way to cope, sedation offers an excellent option for many people. There are several types of sedation, but the general premise behind them is the same: the patient regains their faculties after treatment is complete.
    Learn more about sedation dentistry in Lancaster.
    Ask about alternatives – Advances in technology mean that dental microsurgery is now an option. Lasers can be used to prepare teeth for fillings, whiten teeth and remove staining. Discuss all the options with the dentist and decide on one that is effective and produces minimal anxiety.

If you have questions or concerns about how the dentist can help you overcome anxiety and fear, please contact the office.

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How To Choose A Pediatric Dentist | Lancaster, CA

Having trouble choosing your pediatric dentist? One of the most important components of pediatric dentistry is child psychology. Pediatric dentists are trained to create a friendly, fun, social atmosphere for visiting children, and always avoid threatening words like “drill,” “needle,” and “injection.” Dental phobias beginning in childhood often continue into adulthood, so it is of paramount importance that children have positive experiences and find their “dental home” as early as possible.

Other Important Aspects To Consider When Choosing Your Pediatric Dentist:

  • Education – Pediatric dentists educate the child using models, computer technology, and child-friendly terminology, thus emphasizing the importance of keeping teeth strong and healthy. In addition, they advise parents on disease prevention, trauma prevention, good eating habits, and other aspects of the home hygiene routine.
    Monitoring growth – By continuously tracking growth and development, pediatric dentists are able to anticipate dental issues and quickly intervene before they worsen. Also, working towards earlier corrective treatment preserves the child’s self-esteem and fosters a more positive self-image.
    Prevention – Helping parents and children establish sound eating and oral care habits reduces the chances of later tooth decay. In addition to providing check-ups and dental cleanings, pediatric dentists are also able to apply dental sealants and topical fluoride to young teeth, advise parents on thumb- sucking/pacifier/smoking cessation, and provide good demonstrations of brushing and flossing.
    Intervention – In some cases, pediatric dentists may discuss the possibility of early oral treatments with parents. In the case of oral injury, malocclusion (bad bite), or bruxism (grinding), space maintainers may be fitted, a nighttime mouth guard may be recommended, or reconstructive surgery may be scheduled.

If you have questions or concerns about pediatric dentistry, please contact our office.

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Am I a Candidate for a Dental Bridge? | Lancaster CA

dental bridge

A missing or damaged tooth can make it difficult to chew your food properly, affect your speech, and cause you to feel self-conscious. If your damaged or missing teeth are affecting your quality of life, Dr. Stein can recommend a dental bridge to restore the normal function of your mouth and to enhance your smile so you can regain your confidence.  Get started at www.drjeffreystein.com.

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Gentle Dentist Near Me, Lancaster CA

gentle dentist

The comfort, relaxation, and happiness of the patient are embedded deep at the heart of our dental practice in Lancaster. Dr. Stein’s staff will do whatever we can to reduce anxiety, allay fears and provide painless, quick treatments. Learn more about our gentle dentist and his approach by scheduling your appointment at https://www.drjeffreystein.com/request-appointment/.

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Anxiety-Free Dentist in Lancaster CA

Thank you for your kind words, Jim.  It is our pleasure to provide a comfortable and anxiety-free dental environment for our patients.

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Is It Time For A Smile Makeover?

Your teeth, your face, and your personality are equal parts of what make your smile truly unique. Oral health plays a big role in ensuring that you are showing off the smile you deserve, as cavities or misaligned teeth can throw off your smile. With growing advances in cosmetic dentistry, it’s easier than ever to obtain straight, healthy teeth that also radiate that red-carpet worthy white sheen. Dr. Jeffrey Stein has performed many successful smile makeovers, and is here to help you achieve the smile you deserve.   

Dr.Stein’s Expert Cosmetic Dental Treatments Can: 

  • Change the size, shape, and alignment of certain teeth. 
  • Fill in unattractive spaces between teeth. 
  • Improve or correct bites. 
  • Lighten or brighten the color of teeth. 
  • Repair decayed, broken, cracked, or chipped teeth. 
  • Replace missing teeth. 
  • Replace old, unattractive dental treatments. 

smile makeover

What A Smile Makeover Can Do For You: 

Smile makeover is a term used to describe a number of different cosmetic dentistry procedures that all work in tandem with the goal of significantly improving your smile: 

  • Porcelain Veneers 
  • Porcelain Inlays & Onlays 
  • Dental Implants 
  • Same Day Crowns 
  • Dental Bridges 
  • Zoom! Whitening 
  • & more! 

See How Your Cosmetic Dentist in Lancaster Can Help! 

A 1-on-1 consultation with a Lancaster cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Stein, is a great opportunity to find out exactly how you could benefit from modern dentistry procedures and techniques designed to significantly enhance your smile. 

Schedule your consultation by calling our office @ (661) 949-1894 or by contacting us online here. To see photos of Dr.Stein’s past smile makeovers, click here.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Lancaster & Palmdale

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last permanent teeth to erupt, usually during the late teens or early twenties. Since they develop much later compared to other permanent teeth, they have the tendency to cause multiple dental problems which can make wisdom teeth removal a necessity. Extracting one, two, or all four of the troublesome third molars can help resolve the problems you’re experiencing now and prevent future problems.

Why Wisdom Teeth Removal May Be Necessary

Sometimes, the wisdom teeth don’t come through the gum properly. This may happen because the jaw is too small, such that there isn’t enough space for the tooth to develop properly. Alternatively, the tooth may develop in the wrong direction. When a wisdom tooth doesn’t erupt properly, it is known as an impacted wisdom tooth.

Impacted wisdom teeth are associated with a number of problems that can be resolved by extraction, including:

  • Pain
  • Recurrent infection of the gum overlying a wisdom tooth that is part way through the gum – pericoronitis
  • Decay in the wisdom tooth – which is difficult to repair
  • Abscess or tooth infection due to advanced dental decay
  • Tooth decay in the adjacent molars due to an impacted gum disease
  • Periodontal disease in the surrounding gum tissue of an impacted tooth
  • Progressive cystic (fluid-filled sac) that forms around the tooth

wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth may also be considered troublesome if they push adjacent teeth out of alignment causing crowding or if they interfere with orthodontic treatment or other dental work. Moreover, they’re generally hard to clean, considering they’re at the back of the mouth, which may add to any dental/gum problems.

Wisdom Teeth Removal
If you’re struggling with any of the above problems, Dr. Jeffrey Stein in Lancaster, Palmdale will perform a thorough dental exam to determine whether you’re a good candidate for wisdom tooth removal. This exam includes a review of your dental and medical history, physical examination of all your teeth and gums, check for signs of infection, and x-rays of your teeth and jaws.

Wisdom teeth removal is an outpatient surgical procedure. Dr. Stein may recommend the removal of all 4 teeth at once, or in separate procedures for each side of your mouth. Each session lasts anywhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours, including recovery from anesthesia.

Please visit Dr. Stein in Lancaster for a thorough examination of your troublesome wisdom teeth and a personalized treatment plan that may involve removal.


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When is Wisdom Teeth Removal Needed

Adults have a total number of 32 teeth once the wisdom teeth erupt in your late teenage years or early twenties. But because they come out so late when your other permanent teeth have already set in, there’s usually limited space for them to develop properly, resulting in impacted wisdom teeth that not only damage adjacent teeth, but also hide bacteria and increase the risk of infections.

When is Wisdom Teeth Removal Needed | Wisdom Tooth Extraction

But not all wisdom teeth are troublesome, and only 12% of impacted wisdom teeth tend to become diseased. In fact, dental professionals argue that there’s no need to remove healthy, fully grown in, and correctly positioned wisdom teeth. However, if one or more of your wisdom teeth are causing pain and discomfort, you should visit Dr. Stein for proper diagnosis and removal if need be.

When to remove wisdom teeth

Although removing wisdom teeth can help reduce the risk of complications in future, Dr. Stein only recommends that you proceed with the extraction if:

They are pushing adjacent teeth

Impacted teeth that grow in at an angle tend to push the neighboring teeth and cause overcrowding. This not only causes pain, but also loosens the healthy molars and increases the risk of tooth loss. Moreover, the incompletely erupted teeth tend to form deep pocket that allow food and bacteria to collect, causing infections.

They are causing gum problems

Overcrowded teeth tend to create deep pockets between the teeth that are not easy to clean with regular brushing and flossing. This allows bacterial plaque to build up and cause cavities and gum disease. The situation can be worsened by teeth that erupt through the gums partially (become impacted), as the bacteria can cause infections or cysts in the gums or jawbone. The bacteria can also get into your bloodstream and aggravate health conditions such as heart disease.

Their position is interfering with jaw movement

If the wisdom teeth erupt in such a way that they cause you to bite or scrape your cheek and other soft tissues, or if they cause the surrounding gums to swell and make it painful to open your mouth or chew, then they should be removed.

It you’re conflicted about getting your wisdom teeth removed, please visit Dr. Stein in Lancaster for a proper diagnosis that will include taking X-rays to check the position of your teeth and determine whether they need to be extracted.

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