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What is a FAGD Dentist

Dr. Jeffrey H. Stein, DDS, FAGDAny dentist who bears the FAGD title, which stands for Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry, has accomplished one of the most stringent continuing dental education programs available to general dentists today. It is a title of recognition by other general dentists as a professional who values continuing dental education to provide superior patient care.

There are several requirements for a general dentist to be granted the Fellowship award:

1. The general dentist must be a member of the of the AGD – Academy of General Dentistry – for at least three consecutive years. The AGD is an expert association with over 40,000 dental professionals operating in North America – Canada and the USA. Being granted a “Fellowship” essentially means that you have become a permanent member of the AGD.

During the three consecutive years mentioned above, the general dentist must never have had his/her license revoked, or even suspended for whatever reason or duration

2. The general dentist must have a minimum of 500 hours of continuing dental education credits that are approved and certified by the AGD

3. The general dentist must pass a comprehensive 400-question FAGD examination

4. The general dentist must attend the convocation ceremony. This is the final phase of awarding the fellowship.

Although being awarded Fellowship takes time and effort, it motivates the general dentist to stay up-to-date with new approaches and technologies in dentistry, and to incorporate them into their practices.

Why You Should Choose an FAGD Dentist in Lancaster

Any general dentist who is a member of the AGD and has been awarded fellowship is evidently committed to a lifelong pursuit of education to keep providing superior quality of dental care to his or her patients.

FAGD is a symbol of the professional responsibility of the dentist, and a constant reminder to continually learn new dental approaches and techniques for the benefit of the patients. An FAGD dentist is a dental professional you can trust to provide you with the best possible dental care for your specific case.

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