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Worst Foods You Could Possibly Eat for Your Teeth

worst foods for your teethBefore we dive in to the worst foods you could possibly eat for your teeth (and overall health in general), we want to preface this article by saying we will only list foods here, not drinks. Stay tuned for an article dedicated to the worst drinks you could possibly eat for your teeth. Without further ado…

Top 3 Absolute Worst Foods We Could Possibly Eat

1. Chewing Ice

Ice is simply just water and water isn’t harmless, right? Because it doesn’t contain additives or sugar? Well, it’s only harmless until you chip off the front of your tooth because you weren’t careful gnawing on that piece of ice that was left in your glass as you finished the glass. May people fall victim to mindlessly chewing on ice, only to have an accident occur. Be careful of ice & make a habit to either suck on it or let it fully dissolve into water.

2. Sticky Candy

We’re still trying to name at least one benefit that sticky candy offers other than satisfying our sweet tooth. So far, we cannot think of any real benefits. Sticky candy is horrible for your oral health because not only is it made purely from sugar, which bacteria in our mouth love, but it also sticks to our teeth and becomes a gold mine for these bacteria! If you eat any sticky candies absolutely be sure to brush & floss your teeth the same day at least once. Our vote for absolute worst goes to caramel.

Pro tip: replace with ADA approved chewing gum instead to satisfy your chewing desires.

3. Canned Fruit

Fruit by itself contains more than enough sugar than the bacteria in our mouth need. However, with canned fruits… manufacturers love to add even more sugar into in the can for a sweet, flavorful taste (and because it aids in the preservation process). Definitely make an effort to avoid canned fruit with added sugar at all costs. If you have to buy canned fruit, then purchase the ones that only contain their own juices.

Pro tip: stick to frozen fruits instead and use them in a blender or juicer to create a host of different combinations. The process is always fun, too!

Final Note

To put all of this into perspective, we’d like to say that dentists themselves would not even touch these 3 foods because they are fully aware of the dangers they pose to oral health. Most dentists, that is. Sometimes the urge to resist temptation is too strong. However, the key isn’t so much as to avoid these foods, but rather to consciously make an effort to limit them. This attitude combined with excellent oral hygiene habits at home will prevent you from a lifetime of oral trouble.

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